/Designing courses offer Northeast youth to make it big in world of fashion
Designing courses offer Northeast youth to make it big in world of fashion

Designing courses offer Northeast youth to make it big in world of fashion

Nov 29, 2019 19:44 IS

New Delhi [India], Nov 29 (ANI): Several students of the northeast region are putting their best foot forward to place their country in one of the top-notch fashionable countries with several fashion designing courses.
The youth of the northeast are highly inclined towards fashion and have great fashion sense. Many youngsters are opting to take fashion as a profession and there are well-known designers and models from the region that have left no stone unturned in making the country a style hub.
The fashion culture among the youths, especially the women of the region, shows their great interest and inclination towards haute couture.
Many are now opting fashion studies with an aim to make a fruitful career in the fashion industry. Many educational institutes in Meghalaya have also opened up and are offering fashion designing courses at an early stage of education.
To give a brief about how the schools in the region are leaving no stone unturned to disseminate the information o0n the subject was Vandana Gupta, Principal of BK Bajoria school in Shillong.
“Fashion study is a subject which is offered by CBSE just like other subjects, including science and commerce related subjects, etc,” said Gupta.
“It is a vocational subject which is taught with both practical and theoretical knowledge. It is a very meaningful subject as it will help students to build up a career in fashion designing,” she opined.
The world of fashion is a highly segmented industry and has ample opportunities for skilled professionals that are on a constant endeavour to quench their individual thirst for designing and creativity.
A large number of students are taking up a fashion study course after completion of their higher secondary studies. They are undergoing training on stitching, various art forms, designing motifs and finally creating a great fashion outfit.
Moreover, several schools are recruiting highly skilled professional teachers who are providing technical know-how and subject matter knowledge to students.
Such a step by educational institutes is opening avenues for those who possess the grit and passion to make the world take note of their talent in the world of fashion. (ANI)