/Aquarius Horoscope Predictions December 2020: Education, Career, Business, Love, Marriage, Kids
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Aquarius Horoscope Predictions December 2020: Education, Career, Business, Love, Marriage, Kids

Education: December horoscope prognosticates that the period after mid-month seems promising for those who wish to seek greater education from overseas. Hindrances and objections will surround your educational life due to Rahu transiting in your fifth house.
Do not misplace faith and remain resolute on your route to victory. Also, evade getting engaged in any conflict or gossip and preferably focus on your education, as you are inclined to diversions. Nevertheless, Saturn and Jupiter’s spell on your zodiac sign between the month will end till the last and it will assist you to achieve fine results in your exams while confronting difficulties. Still, they have to settle in the effort and work hard to reach their aim, as nothing would be achieved that quickly. Rahu enrolling your fourth house will help you thrive in your studies, and those studying in the areas of information technology will accomplish specific success.
Career: You will definitely thrive in terms of career. You will love working and you will shoot hardships and it will be a piece of cake for you and due to this you will make abundant progress. You will also get some new job offers but try to evade them, or if you acquire them then don’t make any decision quickly. Take your time for the same and then opt for it. Your communication skills will be very helpful in terms of marketing of your company and due to that, everyone will appreciate you.
Business: Natives of Aquarius can certainly acquire a vehicle during this month. If you are planning to shift to your new house then economically your siblings will make you strengthen. They might even assist you with starting up a new business. If you invest in the share market it will not make any difference in enhancing your financial stability. You might face banking related issues but don’t bother about that because they will be transient.
Love: Don’t be concerned about love and romance this month because the results you will acquire at last are quite ordinary. This month is perfect if you want to strengthen your relationships. You can go together for a trip and you will enjoy it. Apart from that many people will get attracted towards you but don’t jump into such distractions. Think twice before taking any step.
Marriage: A native of Aquarius has a very common marital life this month. There might be some disputes with your partner but you will be able to resolve it quickly and apart from that it’s a nice time to take your partner for a trip. Just confirm with them before buying the tickets try not to give them such surprises. Try to forgive your partner for all the minute errors they have made and that will make you more it that stagnated relationship.
Kids: There are chances of your children getting married this month. Apart from that, if you have a daughter, allow her to go abroad for higher education this month. This month you can also buy electronic gadgets for your children. It will be beneficial for them and due to this, they will even be more connected to you.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla