/Capricorn Horoscope Predictions December 2020: Education, Career, Business, Love, Marriage, Kids
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Capricorn Horoscope Predictions December 2020: Education, Career, Business, Love, Marriage, Kids

Education: You will reckon that you can rely on your luck but that’s not right you will have to work hard this month to score. Rahu which is set in your sixth house will help you score really well. The students who are there in universities try to make good relationships with your professors because this might help you to get good results. Try to form good relationships with your elders. They might help you with your education-related stuff.
Career: If you are working in a private organisation then your name will be suggested by the higher authorities for promotions during this month. Try to participate in everything, especially things related to finance, you might get better results. Apart from that due to conflicts going in your family front you will not be able to focus more on your work. Venus will distract you from your work but the presence of the moon will not let you lose anger.
Business: This time you might have made many efforts in gaining profits and when you will gain them at that time you will have to make many useless expenses. If your life partner is engaged in any new job or business then it will strengthen your financial position. Apart from that, there are possibilities that you can get profits that will happen because you have made many nice investments in the past.
Love: Your love life is not quite good this month. Your lover may leave you if they find what your true intentions are. If you are planning to start a new relationship then loyalty is the only key to open the lock and to then pave your way towards a new relationship. Play fair with your lover, he or she should not feel suspicious about you. If you are planning to tie a knot then have a prior and serious conversation with your parents. Your parents might not understand but if you try hard, they will understand you.
Marriage: Your mother will play a very huge role in your marital life. If you are planning to do marriage then her assistance is definitely necessary. If you are married then you will have some conflicts with your spouse and to resolve those conflicts only elders can help you. Even if you don’t talk about your relationships with someone you trust completely, they might be happy that you are facing problems.
Kids: There might be a new member entering your life and handling your new-one with care. This month you can also plan for having a baby. If you get good news then visit some religious place that will definitely provide you with positive vibes.
Other than that, you can even plan for changing your children’s school during the time of the new year. Transferring him or her to a new school will give them some better results but don’t take any decision in haste and think twice before taking such steps.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla