/The Book Of Boba Fett: Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Teases…Something
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The Book Of Boba Fett: Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Teases…Something

The Mandalorian Season 2 featured one of the biggest surprises yet, a character cameo so crazy that we can’t believe they even attempted it. Feel free to argue in the comments over here over whether they pulled it off, or if looking at his face is like staring deep into the uncanny void of death.

Regardless, the end of the episode featured one more surprise, and we’re about to spoil it–obviously. You’ve been warned.

a post-credits scene featuring Boba Fett and Ming-Na Wen’s character Fennec Shand. The scene opens with the dual suns of Tatooine (which would feel like a blast from the past if we hadn’t watched Rise of Skywalker last year). The camera pans over to Jabba’s Palace (which actually is a blast from the past). Inside, Bib Fortuna resides, until Boba and Shand arrive and shoot everyone there (except the Twi’lek slave, who they free). Boba sits down on Jabba the Hutt’s old throne, and Fennec grabs a bottle of blue something-or-other.

Cut to a title card: The Book of Boba Fett, coming December 21. And that’s all we know from the teaser itself, although Entertainment Weekly says it’s “yet another spin-off series.”

What exactly does that mean? Is The Book of Boba Fett a Boba-Fett centered TV show? Is it a crossover event with the other two just-announced Mandalorian spin-offs, Rangers of the New Republic and Ahsoka? Is it simply the name of The Mandalorian Season 3? Or is it an actual book? (We doubt that last one.)

What do you think The Book of Boba Fett will be? Let us know in the comments below–hopefully we’ll find out more soon.

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