/No More Heroes And Its Sequel Get Rated For PC
No More Heroes And Its Sequel Get Rated For PC

No More Heroes And Its Sequel Get Rated For PC

The No More Heroes games have been primarily associated with Nintendo systems thus far, and the upcoming No More Heroes 3 will be a Switch exclusive. However, it looks like the first two games could be coming to PC if an ESRB rating listing is any indication.

Spotted by Gematsu, there are full ratings and descriptions available on the ESRB website for both No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Only the Windows PC platform is listed at the top of each page, and the games were only available on Wii and Nintendo Switch, though an enhanced version of the first game did also come to PS3 and Xbox 360. Keep in mind that these rating descriptions do contain some spoilers about the games in order to convey their level of violence.

The spinoff game Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes did release on PC eventually, coming alongside a PS4 version in late 2019 after the game initially launched as a Switch exclusive. It’s possible something like this could also be planned for No More Heroes 3, though only a Switch version has been revealed so far.

No More Heroes is one of the best-known games from Grasshopper Manufacture, a studio led by the eccentric director Goichi Suda. Also known as “Suda51,” Suda is famous for his work on games like Killer Is Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, and Killer7. Though they haven’t always received rave reviews from critics, his games have gained a cult following for their goofy, stylish characters and for eschewing industry trends.

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