/Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020: Know what will be the effect on your zodiac sign
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Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 2020: Know what will be the effect on your zodiac sign

Ganesha says while this is a transit that only befalls usually every 20 years, this is the first time since the Middle Ages that this conjunction has happened in an Air sign, and the two planets are within the distance less than one degree of each other.
That is 800 years of both planets moving through, Fire signs, Water signs and Earth signs to enter into this new age of Aquarius, where we’re going to get a heavy dose of Jupiter and Saturn energy, exciting us to make those big changes enduring on the prospect.
This conjunction will create a kind of intensity for all the signs as it suggests positive changes in everyone’s life.
For Aries, this conjunction will bring back the resources you lost while implementing a plan. This conjunction is a sign of ‘RESTART’ for you and things you restart in this duration will bring assured success. People with Taurus zodiac can look forward to walking out of their comfort zone. This transition will bring the realisation of what the universe holds for them on the other side of the bridge. This conjunction will release you from being the frog in the well.
Geminis, who have been escaping from the realness of the world and limiting themselves for a long time, today Jupiter will change you into someone who faces their fears and crosses their boundaries. Something will soon trigger you to take a step forward. Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will release people with Cancer zodiac from being into emotionally bad space. The emotional imbalances will diminish slowly.
Leo will get clear about their understanding and will be able to express themselves in a better way. They will dig deeper to know more and this curiosity will bring some major changes in their life. For Virgo, Saturn may bring some bad news but Jupiter will make you consistent and individuals will be able to find themselves somewhere between stability and complete security which is a good sign.
For Libra, this conjunction will affect your fourth house which suggests a change in your habitat and welcoming of property and fixed assets. People who just joined a job, well this is a very fortunate duration for you. This conjunction will take place in the third house of Scorpio bringing them fame and wealth enhancement but there’s a little concern about your family’s health.
The second house of Sagittarius will be affected and you may lose a little focus on your work but you can expect appraisal. The 12th house of Aquarius will be affected which will bring some travelling opportunities for this zodiac and also this conjunction will turn the tables in their favour in court matters.

For Pisces, the conjunction will affect the 11th house which will bring an enormous amount of support and cooperation from the workplace. You will be able to build a deeper relationship with influential people leading to growth in the long term.
Ganesha says overall it will be a good transit for all the Zodiac Signs.
Astro Friend Chirag says that worship Lord Hanumanji and recite OM HANUMANTAYE RAM DUTAAYE NAMAH 108 times. It will certainly bring good and positive results.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla