/Numerology Readings 29 December 2020: Predictions, Lucky Colour, Lucky Number & Remedies
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Numerology Readings 29 December 2020: Predictions, Lucky Colour, Lucky Number & Remedies

Number 1: Ganesha says you are likely to spend your day with your loved ones around you. You won’t be able to complete everything on your to-do list but you will feel content at the end of the day. On your professional fronts, you will take some rigid decisions. People involved in the legal field will have a hard day but people involved in the medical field can expect perks from their superiors. Investing a huge amount in the share market is not suggested today. On romantic fronts, your partner will be busy and will hardly spend time with you. Married couples can expect good news today. Your health will be fine but people with imbalanced blood pressure will have to take care a little. Mercury will bring you special blessings.

  • Lucky Colour- Black
  • Lucky Number- 07
  • Remedy: Chant ‘Om Vishnave Namah’ to bring harmony at domestic fronts and workplace.

Number 2
Ganesha says today ‘Self Love’ will be your mantra. You have been working very hard since long but have hardly done anything to feed your soul. You will spend today with your peers and you are likely to over-expenditure while shopping. On health fronts, you can take this as a cheat day as you have been following a tight diet schedule. On professional fronts, people involved in the creative field will gain a good amount of profit today. Brokers will find it difficult to find good deals and may end up being disappointed. You will not be able to focus so much on your work today but you deserve this day to weigh off your burden a little. On romantic fronts, you will be able to spend some quality time with your partner and will be able to balance back to your love life.

  • Lucky Colour- Red
  • Lucky Number- 16
  • Remedy: Tiered thread around a banyan tree.

Number 3
Ganesha says you will have a busy and hectic day due to workload. Some extra responsibilities will be showered on you but you will learn the skill of ‘multitasking’. On professional fronts, your career is slowly taking hype but today is the day of learning. Investing in mutual funds today will give you good returns. It’s a good day to buy a property. People involved in the technical and mechanical field will be praised by their superiors. People involved in the educational field will have to be patient today as Rahu is not in their support today. Romance is blooming in your life and today you will meet someone special. Make sure you take this relationship slowly. Your fitness will need some attention as your cholesterol will concern you.

  • Lucky Colour- Sky Blue
  • Lucky Number- 09
  • Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and feed stray dogs today.

Number 4
Ganesha says your day will reflect your potential. You will be able to showcase your talent and people around you will value you today. Your negligence approach towards the sugar intake will get you into a health problem today. On professional fronts, you need not worry about fundraising today as you will find good investors today. People having jobs in the I.T sector, you are likely to get your name on the promotion list. It would be very difficult for people around you to drag you down as Jupiter is in your favour. Try to trust your inner intuitions rather than just logic. On romantic fronts, your partner and you will be talking about your domestic concerns today and this will bring out the mature side of your relationship.

  • Lucky Colour- Yellow
  • Lucky Number- 15
  • Remedy: Wear Yellow colour clothes today at the temple.

Number 5
Ganesha says as long as today is concerned, you can expect bumps in your relationship as your partner and you won’t be on the same page but things will settle down soon. Looking at professional fronts, you will bring some good deals to your workplace but won’t be appreciated. Don’t wait for people to notice your work, you keep doing your best and one day God you will bless you with something unexpected. It’s a good day to sell your property. Don’t purchase any technical gadgets today. Your physical health will be fine but your mental health will be needed to be taken care of. Try reading a book of your favourite author and if nothing pleases you, read your religious text.

  • Lucky Colour- Peach
  • Lucky Number- 21
  • Remedy: Ask elderly people to stay indoors today.

Number 6
Ganesha says It’s a good day for you to invest in small projects. Your self-governing nature will make you a role model for others. Your fascination to make everything perfect will draw people away from you. Someone at a higher spot will give you a tough time. You will be part of a hard-hitting race today but you will be on top. You will allow your partner to make decisions today which will strengthen your bond. Your health will be alright today but you need to take care of your cardiac issues.

  • Lucky Colour- Green
  • Lucky Number- 08
  • Remedy: Do not travel in the West direction today.

Number 7
Ganesha says you will feel economically stressed today but Lord Kuber will come to your rescue. The whole day your head will be buried in work and you will hardly find time to think about yourself. Purchasing shares in small amounts will be good for you. Your partner may feel a little detached from you. They are trying to know themselves and giving them their space will be the right thing to do. Minor headache may bother you hence, you will have to bring quietness to your mind by meditating.

  • Lucky Colour- Light Brown
  • Lucky Number- 03
  • Remedy: Chant ‘Om Ganeshaya Namaha’ 51 times today.

Number 8
Ganesha says you will have to show some stubbornness today because people will take leverage of your modesty today. While taking a stand for yourself, make sure you don’t hurt others around you. on professional fronts, you will be able to make sound and good decisions today. It is advisable not take part in any legal matter related to your workplace. People employed in the engineering field can expect a change in the approaches of their work and a departmental shift. Students interning will earn rewards today. People who want to enter the world of the share market, to your disappointment, it’s not a good day to do so. On romantic fronts, your partner will ask for some personal opinions and you need to measure your words before spilling them or you may end up hurting them unintentionally.

  • Lucky Colour- Pink
  • Lucky Number- 17
  • Remedy: Worship Lord Kuber today.

Number 9
Ganesha says There’s nothing in particular stored for you today but you can expect surprises today. Your day will be filled with laughter. Someone you have shared a special bond with will show up at your doorstep. Looking at your work fronts, your patience will be demanded today but work hard in silence and let success make the noise. People involved in the creative and artistic industry will meet someone influential who will bring them opportunities in the long term. You will be able to pay your debt today as Goddess Laxmi will bless you. Fitness in your life was a priority once and is now at the last of the list. You should get back to your routine and make sure things don’t get worse in terms of your health.

  • Lucky Colour- White
  • Lucky Number- 01
  • Remedy: Make important decisions facing East direction today.

— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla