/Monthly Horoscope January 2021: Check predictions for all zodiac signs
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Monthly Horoscope January 2021: Check predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries: Ganesha says this monthly will end your chase for money as you will receive sufficient finance, especially from old sources. Outstanding invoices, refunds, outstanding salary will knock doors this month. Relationships will be a little complicated for you this month when it comes to family and workplace but in the prospect of love, there will be too many meetings and conversations you will cherish. Aries must stay diplomatic, accepting, friendly but do not make big promises on any fronts this month. You can plan to commit wholly and fortunately, with deep future prospects in the last week. Do look beneath surfaces, seek intimacy, solutions and find other hidden gems as they exist. Love, insight, travel, higher education and cultural affairs will improve as the month will unwind. Let Ganesha control a few things and he will make you cross the oceans in no time!
Taurus: Ganesha says the first month of the new decade will be smooth but will be filled with paperwork, details, travel and errands. You will be satisfied with the affection people around you will shower upon you but this affection will distract you on monetary prospects and you are more likely to do expenditure this month. Try to accumulate wealth this month but keep your fist closed after that. You will have to be very careful around the middle of the month as large investment is likely to push you into the pit of debt. Wisdom, gentle love, intellectual and cultural affairs will not be a problem this month. You can expect good news from the legal fronts and also, you are likely to travel to distant places at the end of the month. Don’t turn your back on your ambitions.
Gemini: Ganesha says few things will change regarding your assets and real estate. The accent for this month falls on retirement, kids, security and domestic relationships. Don’t worry things will not bother you and will end up positively. Anything which goes wrong in the north will dissolve in the last week. A great opportunity might reappear from the past: e.g., another chance to buy or sell the house or office, or a long-lost family member will reappear, etc. This is a good time to discuss ending old things and new beginnings with family members. The days will be romantic, creative and pleasurable. Be ambitious all month long.
Cancer: Ganesha says you will face some sudden changes in career but overall, this month will be smooth and easy. Idealistic, imaginative, academic, sporting, and liking interests will ride a wave of happiness. The days will be gentle and wise but not much will be accomplished. Retreat, respite and anticipate. You will make great progress in building administrative, formal, spiritual, and beneficial contacts and these might give you a boost in family, security or property matters as the month moves on.
Leo: Ganesha says your hopes will rise this month. Romance, friends and entertainment will keep you relaxed. Fresh new possibilities will arrive. You are likely to find love at your workplace. Don’t make long term plans this month as Venus is not going to be in favourable conditions. Delay in work and health zones will be faced mid-month so start all the new projects in the later part of the month. A former love interest will try to meet you again. Achievements from government agencies, NGOs and charities are going to knock your door this month. You will make some viable contacts by the end of the month. Saturn may affect your peace of mind a little but don’t worry as overall you will have a great time.
Virgo: Ganesha says your luck, timing, charisma and grace will push you towards a step of advancement, you won’t be able to rely on your instincts and inner energy. Your co-workers will give you a hard time this month. Avoid disagreements and quarrelsome situations with your partner. After the 12th you’ll intensely re-examine your values – materially, intellectually and spiritually. After the 20nd, finances and individual values need to be addressed. Are they serving your needs or are you serving theirs? By months’ end, you enhance your appearance or completely change it.
Libra: Ganeshsa says you will attract material possessions, and finances this month with the blessings of Venus. Business opportunities will arise. You are also likely to overspend a little this month. Second week will be best for Libras to start a new venture. In the last, you may realize the need to heighten your awareness and sensitivity to your physical self, or perhaps fellow employees may not clearly understand your actions. Starting of the month may not support your love life but after 15th you’ll pursue communications which will bring you closer to the person you love and you can also make a commitment for lifetime.
Scorpio: Ganesha says the first week will bring awareness to issues concerning career or projecting the public image you desire. A mellow mood will wafts you through days of this month. Your thoughts will take you to the past, to former travels or past lovers, past status positions to determine how you lost something, or how you got where you are but along with this, you will also remember the lessons you learned. It’s going to be an easy and smooth month ahead for you, but don’t buy major possessions or argue about money these days. Do not gamble and invest huge funds in the first three weeks of the month. Love will bring you peace in the midst of chaos.

Sagittarius: Ganesha says concentrate on former projects this month and complete them. This month will bury you under work. This month, some people will turn their back towards you. Your domestic fronts will have some issues but by the end of the month things will settle down. You will be able to use your inborn creativity and express yourself and be appreciated by others in your everyday environment. Your plans for the future are becoming larger and more expansive. The speed at which you are moving ahead will increase. After 15th you can expect a proposal or a new morning in terms of romance. By the end of the month, you will develop more inclination for spirituality.
Capricorn: Ganesha says your health is likely to disappoint you this month. There are going to be some visits to the hospital this month but after the second week, you will be able to begin a project involving family and your security and foundation will be strengthened. You will feel overwhelmed emotionally in the last week. You will be drawn to things that make you curious and you will find answers to the question hovering on your mind for a long time. Last few days of the month will bring you enlightenment to personal goals, dreams and to some group activities you are involved in.
Aquarius: Ganesha says this month, you will consider new health regimes. Your interest to connect with higher consciousness and spiritual truths will be stimulated in the starting of the month. You will find solutions to your emotional and mental health issues by the mid-month. It’s a good time to start new ventures. Communication issues with employers and employees will be solved. Your playful, social and optimistic mood will stay consistent throughout the month. Your economic landscape may face some downhill trends but there would be nothing to worry about.
fish; Ganesha says you have been hard on yourself for a long time and hence this month, Venus has brought you relaxation and peace. This month, you are advised to lie low and conserve energy. Everything will fall into better perspective by the end of the month. You will need to be aware of the enemies this month. Romantic and creative pursuits get a loving enhancement but by months’ end, the accent shifts to augmented cooperation from coworkers and superiors. Partnership will knock your doors and it will be the chance worth taking. You will walk illuminated in the new year and leave certain things to God!
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla