/Everspace 2 Launches In Early Access This Month
Everspace 2 Launches In Early Access This Month

Everspace 2 Launches In Early Access This Month

Developer Rockfish Games is launching Everspace 2 in both Steam Early Access and the GOG Games in Development program later this month. Starting on January 18, you can dive into the space loot shooter for $40 USD / £32 / €37 and experience what looks to be a pretty substantial chunk of the game.

“After multiple rounds of community testing by some 2,000 players, and great feedback from various gaming outlets and content creators on the closed beta, Everspace 2 is ready for early access,” Rockfish Games CEO and co-founder Michael Schade said in a press release. “We can’t wait to receive feedback on the initial release version from space game enthusiasts on Steam and GOG.”

This early access version of the game will be good for about 25 hours of gameplay, composed of a story-driven campaign that lasts for a little over 12 hours and then several side quests. Everspace 2 is scheduled to remain in early access for the rest of the year, officially launching for PC in 2022 at an increased price.

“Of course, the game is far from being finished,” Schade said. “On top of the two star systems Everspace 2 pilots will be able to explore in early access at launch, we plan to have four to six more as well as several additional player ship subclasses beyond the Interceptor, Sentinel, Striker, Gunship, and Scout at launch, to be gradually added on a quarterly basis. In the final game, players will also be able to enjoy twice as much story content plus lots of worthwhile endgame activities.”

In Everspace 2, you play as a part-time trader who must pilot their ship through a series of jump points in order to reach the outposts for trading and offloading cargo. You can’t just go from one side of the galaxy to the other, you have to travel from solar system to solar system, picking up fuel as you go and deciding whether it’s worth going off the beaten path in order to discover additional resources, weapon and hull upgrades, or remnants of an alien society. It won’t be smooth sailing–pirates will attempt to steal your cargo. It’s up to you whether you decide to invest in upgrades to fight them off or outrun them. Additionally, if you wish to become somewhat of a villain, you can attack friendly space stations as well, though your actions won’t be without consequence.

Everspace 2 is currently slated to release for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Given it’s officially launching in 2022, it’s possible that Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of the game are in the works as well, but Rockfish Games hasn’t confirmed if that’s the case.

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