/Rust’s Monthly Update Coming Soon, Will Enable Twitch Drops
Rust's Monthly Update Coming Soon, Will Enable Twitch Drops

Rust’s Monthly Update Coming Soon, Will Enable Twitch Drops

Rust, the multiplayer survival game, will implement its first monthly update of the year on January 7 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET. The devs stated in a Twitter post that players should expect a blueprint and map wipe, as well as Twitch drops. Other specifics are unknown as of this time.

A blueprint wipe deletes, as the name implies, blueprints and players’ data, including inventory and positions. A map wipe removes player-made structures, but keeps intact natural terrain and NPC towns–effectively resetting a map. Facepunch, the dev, regularly pushes map wipes at the beginning of every month.

Facepunch will also be enabling Twitch drops, a feature that rewards players for watching Rust streams on Twitch. To get this feature, you need to activate Twitch drops on your Steam account. You can identify which streams to watch by checking if it has the Drops Enabled tag.

2020 was a pretty good year for Rust. It made Steam’s Top Sellers and Most Played list, and streamers with big followings have been spreading the good word about the multiplayer-only survival game.

Though Rust is only available for PC and macOS players currently, a console edition is in development. Double Eleven planned to release Rust’s console editions in 2020, but was unable to. The company reassured players it was still working on the console port. A new release timeframe has not been announced yet.

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