/Call Of Duty: Warzone And Black Ops Cold War Add New Operator With A Giant Sledgehammer
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Call Of Duty: Warzone And Black Ops Cold War Add New Operator With A Giant Sledgehammer

The newest Operator for Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War has arrived, and he brings a hammer. The new Operator, Wyatt “Bulldozer” Jomes, is an American Marine who was born in 1955. He’s aligned with the NATO faction and his blood type is O+, in case you were wondering.

You can purchase Bulldozer through an eight-item bundle that also includes various items and extras, the most notable of which is a giant sledgehammer. The “Heavy Handed” legendary blueprint is the combat sledgehammer that features a rubber grip and the words “knock knock” written on sides of the business end of the hammer itself.

As you might have guessed, the hammer is the centerpiece of Bulldozer’s finishing move, which is called “Hammer Uppercut.” You can see it in action through the video below.

The bundle also comes with two other Legendary blueprint weapons, the Monstrous Envy rifle and the Headache shotgun, both of which use green tracer fire to stand out on the battlefield.

The “Demon Hammer” animated emblem and a weapon charm called “The Penetrator” are also included in the bundle. A wrist accessory called “Death’s Reminder” is also included, along with a parachute cord bracelet featuring a golden skull.


With the start of Season 1, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone have merged, meaning guns from Black Ops Cold War are now in Warzone. The transition hasn’t been without its issues, and now players are reporting that the DMR 14 semi-automatic rifle from Cold War is too OP in Warzone.

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