/Cobra Kai Season 3: What Johnny & Daniel’s Team Up Means For Season 4
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Cobra Kai Season 3: What Johnny & Daniel’s Team Up Means For Season 4

The third season of has arrived on and if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re wasting time. After all, viewers were left on that of a cliffhanger after Season 2. How could you not want to know what happens next?

If, somehow, you have yet to watch the new episodes, stop reading now. The rest of this story is going to be dealing with some pretty heavy spoilers for Season 3. Consider this your final warning.

The third season of the series includes quite a few bombshells, from the deep dive into to the , the high school love interest of both Johnny (William Zabka) and Daniel (Ralph Macchio). Still, even with those moments–and so many more–there is likely no more satisfying plot development than Johnny and Daniel uniting for a common cause by the end of the season.

For over three decades, we’ve seen these two characters at odds. Even when it looked like they might be remotely friendly in the first couple of seasons of Cobra Kai, the two karate rivals always wound up at each other’s throats. Now, though, they have a common enemy in Kreese. The maniacal sensei has ousted Johnny and his students from Cobra Kai and seemingly declared war on anyone that isn’t in his karate gang.

To combat this, Daniel and Johnny–and their respective dojos–must band together to save the valley in a citywide brawl. Or, honestly, it’ll probably just mean a cool karate tournament next season. Either way, seeing Daniel and Johnny, two lifelong foes, fighting together for the greater good is a long time coming. And thankfully, it will be an easy chemistry for Macchio and Zabka to slip into.

“When it comes to Ralph and Billy, the thing that’s so great is that they’ve been in touch all this time,” executive producer Jon Hurwitz told GameSpot. “They’re very different in some ways that are not dissimilar in real life to Johnny and Daniel today. Not that either of them are exactly those characters, but there’s shades of each of them in themselves. And in their personal lives, they’ve developed a really fun dynamic.”

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That dynamic is on full display throughout the series, whether they’re accidentally going on a double date in Season 2, or pretending to be cops and chasing down bad guys in Season 3. It has all led to some very funny moments. “There’s a comedic energy that the two of them have together that we love,” Hurwitz said.

As entertaining as it will be to see the two attempt to blend their individual karate styles into something resembling a lesson plan for their students in Season 4, that doesn’t necessarily mean Daniel and Johnny are going to be able to put their past entirely behind them.

“It’s not one of these things where they’re suddenly just going to be like best friends where every single moment they’re just like pumping each other up,” Hurwitz explained. “They are an odd couple, they’ve always been an odd couple, and they’ll continue to be an odd couple. But some odd couples are enemies and some couples are best friends and maybe we’ll find out which path they end up going on.”

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Here’s hoping that after all these years they wind up an odd couple that doesn’t want to roundhouse kick each other to death.

Cobra Kai Season 3 is streaming on Netflix now.

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