/Fortnite’s Stormwing Planes Are Real Gas Guzzlers
Fortnite's Stormwing Planes Are Real Gas Guzzlers

Fortnite’s Stormwing Planes Are Real Gas Guzzlers

Fortnite saw the return of X-4 Stormwing planes with the Operation Snowdown holiday event. Despite that now being over, some of these planes are still available on the map, but a change compared to their original launch has rendered them far less attractive

They no longer have infinite fuel. They, like cars and boats, have to get filled up at a gas station (or with a gas canister) after a short time behind the wheel. One boost in the plane eats nearly a quarter tank of gas.

“I wouldn’t even mind the fueling so much if it was actually possible to land the damn plane at a gas station,” said recompensor NickEggPlant in a thread about the planes. “The plane was actually fuel efficient instead of burning through a full tank in 30 seconds.”

The planes are currently the only way to travel all the way across the map efficiently, but the need for fuel has made them nearly useless after a little time in the air. Players aren’t happy about the change–but this is basically a nerf for the vehicle. Planes were considered overpowered when they were previously added and Epic Games has made them less effective without making them slower or less powerful.

Epic Games added fuel to the game alongside various four-wheel vehicles with the Joy Ride update. Fuel has made sure that vehicles are good for a quick trip across the map, while limiting how effective they are overall. Using the vehicles as Mad Max-esque death machines to fly around the map hunting players requires a lot more planning. You’ll have an empty tank after one fight–which is better than vehicles dominating the final few circles.

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