/The Office Dominates Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10
The Office Dominates Nielsen's Streaming Top 10

The Office Dominates Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10

Although is no longer The Office’s streaming home in the U.S. (that honor ), people sure got their mileage out of the popular sitcom’s final days on Netflix according to . The information, data, and measurement firm synonymous with TV ratings clocked the mockumentary sitcom about the fictional paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania as a staggering 1.3 billion minutes for the period of December 7 to 13.

This is, it should be noted, also the seventh instance of The Office taking the top spot since the company started charting streaming last summer. And given the relative lag time on these numbers being reported, it would be reasonable to expect The Office (on Netflix, anyway) continued to carry weight through to the end of December.

The only spot on the top 10 not belonging to Netflix is the second place with another obvious entry: , on Disney+, got nearly an even 1 billion minutes across the measured week in mid-December. With a massive amount of making their way to Disney+ in the future, something Star Wars is likely to make repeat appearances on these Nielsen lists. Meanwhile, , which , is still holding strong with 621 million minutes–ranking at 10 overall.

It will be interesting as the released Nielsen charts show how everything shook out with , , and tons of other big releases that tested the waters with a streaming debut over the holidays.