/Marvel’s Moon Knight Grabs Two New Directors For Disney+
Marvel's Moon Knight Grabs Two New Directors For Disney+

Marvel’s Moon Knight Grabs Two New Directors For Disney+

Disney+ will premiere its first Marvel Cinematic Universe show, , on January 15, but it will be far from the last. The studio has a long roster of upcoming projects waiting in the wings, well into the future. One such project is the mysterious Moon Knight, which will –a cult favorite C-lister who suffers from identity disorders that give him a laundry list of alter egos.

It was previously announced that the project would be helmed by Mohamed Diab (Crash) and Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy), but two new names have joined the team to direct episodes, according to . Indie auteurs Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who wrote and directed sci-fi mind-benders like The Endless, Spring, and the upcoming , will be lending their skills to several episodes.

Benson and Moorhead are known for their unique style, eerie and surreal sensibilities, and strong directorial voices–though it’s worth noting that they also typically handle every aspect of production on their own films, from writing to producing to editing. Moon Knight will be their first credit solely as directors.

Also according to THR, Moon Knight is set to begin filming in Budapest in March. It does not currently have a release date on the schedule.

Following the premiere of WandaVision on January 15, Disney+ will expand its original MCU slate with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on March 19, and Loki in May. The animated What If…? Is also set to hit the streaming service some time this year.