/Classic Strategy Game Risk Is Getting A TV Adaptation
Classic Strategy Game Risk Is Getting A TV Adaptation

Classic Strategy Game Risk Is Getting A TV Adaptation

From comic books and novels to video games and apps, there’s few pop culture hobbies and brands that Hollywood wouldn’t consider for an adaptation. This includes board games, and Hasbro’s classic strategy game Risk is the next in line for the TV treatment.

As reported by Deadline, a Risk show is being developed by Beau Willimon, who previously worked as showrunner on Netflix’s political drama House of Cards. The series is the result of a deal between Willimon’s production company Westward and the entertainment company eOne, who also produced HBO’s hit Sharp Objects and is owned by Hasbro.

In a statement, Willimon and co-producer Jordan Tappis said, “All of us at Westward are thrilled to join forces with eOne to bring to life some of the most successful IP in the marketplace as well as partner on our extensive slate of scripted television shows. We’re excited to develop Risk as our first project together.”

Risk was created by Albert Lamorisse and first hit shelves in 1957. It’s one of the best-selling board games of all time, and while Willimon’s show will be the first screen adaptation, there have been several video game versions over the years. The first was a Commodore 64 edition in 1988, while in more recent years there’s been the iOS app Risk: The Official Game and Risk: Global Domination for the Nintendo Switch.

Risk isn’t the only much-loved game currently being adapted. A new movie based on classic role playing adventure Dungeons & Dragons is set to start production in the next few months. It will star Chris Pine, with Game Night’s Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley directing.

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