/Marvel Boss On Why Ms. Marvel Will Be A Disney+ Show, Not A Movie
Marvel Boss On Why Ms. Marvel Will Be A Disney+ Show, Not A Movie

Marvel Boss On Why Ms. Marvel Will Be A Disney+ Show, Not A Movie

While 2020 was the first year without a single release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since it started, there is a wide variety of titles set to be released over the next few years. The MCU is about to make its TV debut with WandaVision, which releases on Disney+ this week, and Black Widow will hopefully hit theaters this spring. Now Marvel Studio boss Kevin Feige has spoken about how the studio decides which projects will be series, and which will be movies.

In an interview with Collider, Feige explained that it was down to the characters, their stories, and which medium will best serve them, and gave the upcoming series Ms. Marvel as an example.

“It really is about the individual stories you want to tell and a bit informed by the bigger picture,” he said. “We knew that we wanted to introduce Ms. Marvel first and her family and all of her great supporting characters and her origin in a Disney+ long-form series, and then bring her into Captain Marvel 2. There will be some times where the opposite happens. The character is introduced in a movie and brought onto a Disney+ series. So, it really just varies based on the story or the genre that we want to explore.”

WandaVision is an example of the latter approach. Wanda Maximoff and the Vision have featured in several MCU movies, most recently Avengers: Endgame, but the new series will allow Marvel to explore their characters in more detail. As Feige stated last month, “[They] never had a chance to dominate the narrative because there was so much else going on. It felt fun to finally give them a platform.”

Despite the slate of MCU movies on the way over the next few years, Feige has clearly recognized the importance of streaming to the franchise. In an interview with Emmy.com, he stated that streaming was “the future” of the MCU. “[It’s] where consumers want to watch things,” he said. “And hopefully they’ll want to watch our longform narrative series. You go to movies for things you can’t get on streaming, and you go to streaming for things you can’t get in a theater. And of course, everything in a theater goes to streaming eventually.”

WandaVision will be followed by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which arrives in March, plus Loki, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and the crossover event Secret Invasion. For more, check out GameSpot’s recap of Wanda and Vision in the MCU before you watch the show.

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