/Marvel’s Secret Invasion Show Will Focus On Political Paranoia, Kevin Feige Says
Marvel's Secret Invasion Show Will Focus On Political Paranoia, Kevin Feige Says

Marvel’s Secret Invasion Show Will Focus On Political Paranoia, Kevin Feige Says

Last month during its big investor event, Disney unveiled a list of new Marvel shows and movies and confirmed a few long-awaited shows are still on the way. One of the most interesting announcements was that of a Secret Invasion series. In a new interview with Collider, MCU mastermind gave us the smallest hint of what we can expect from the series.

“We’re interested in the political paranoia aspect of Secret Invasion,” Feige explained.

In the comics, Secret Invasion follows the infiltration of the Skrulls into the ranks of Earth’s mightiest heroes. The Skrulls use their shapeshifting abilities to take the place of Marvel characters like Elektra, Hank Pym, and Spider-Woman with the intent to infiltrate SHIELD and the Avengers and take control of Earth. Once the plan starts to come to light, it puts every hero from the god Thor on down to Hawkeye under suspicion. The Skrulls we met in Captain Marvel were refugees, but the show will cast them as invaders. Spider-Man: Far From Home showed Fury working with Talos, but he and the other refugees may be a splinter group with very different desires from the invading ones.

Collider rightly points out that a story like this could be told through one or even a few theater-sized films, but the focus on paranoia over action could make it a good fit for the longer-form storytelling that Disney+ offers Marvel.

Feige says the show will have a bigger scale than some of the others, and that it will “tie into other things” in the MCU. He also adds that the series will make great use of its stars. Feige says Marvel is is interested in “really showcasing the stars with [Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury] and [Ben Mendelsohn as Talos], two amazing actors that you want to have in any series, and we’re very lucky to have them for that.” Ultimately, they went with the serial format because “it would allow us to do something different than we’ve done before.”

Marvel has a long list of shows in various levels of production, including the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, Armor Wars, Ironheart, and Secret Invasion. Wandavision, the first of Marvel’s tv-sized ventures, hits Disney+ this Friday, January 15.

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