/Get Your First Official Look At The Batman’s Riddler–From Mountain Dew
Get Your First Official Look At The Batman's Riddler--From Mountain Dew

Get Your First Official Look At The Batman’s Riddler–From Mountain Dew

In the age of social media, we get movie leaks from social media and forums. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is going for a decidedly old-school look, so it feels appropriate that we get our first official look at one of its main characters in an old-school way: on a soda label.

Spotted by BestProducts, The Riddler is getting his own flavor of Mountain Dew. This flavor actually surfaced a few months back, but quickly disappeared, as noted on the Mountain Dew wiki, which is a thing that exists. Back then, keen-eyed Redditors spotted the Riddler’s Brew along with a Catwoman-themed Mountain Dew Zero Sugar and a standard Mountain Dew with Batman on the label.

The drink is called Riddler’s Brew, and the label features a look at the villain, who looks much as he did in the first moments of the Batman teaser we got during DC Fandome earlier this year. The extra space around him is adorned with his favorite punctuation mark. We did get a clear look at him in the trailer, but this is the first official marrying of the goggled character and the Riddler name that we’re aware of.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Batman and Mountain Dew have joined marketing forces, and it’s not the first time Batman has had a dark blue soda. Back in 2021, a Dark Berry flavor was released in partnership with The Dark Knight Rises, and was described as “Dew with a blast of mixed berry and other natural flavors.” The product shot obtained by BestProducts only describes Riddler’s Brew as having “natural and artificial flavors,” which is a description you can apply to every object that exists. If we were pressed, though, we’d bet that Mountain Dew is resurrecting its Dark Berry flavor for this product.

It is interesting, though, that Mountain Dew and Warner Bros. are matching the dark blue brew with the Riddler. The character’s association with the color green is beaten only by the Green Arrow and Green Lantern in DC comics. Dark blue is more Batman’s color, generally speaking.

There’s no word on when this will hit shelves, but we’re betting it’s going to be close to the March 4, 2022 debut of The Batman.

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