/Ethan Hawke Lands A Role On Marvel’s Moon Knight
Ethan Hawke Lands A Role On Marvel's Moon Knight

Ethan Hawke Lands A Role On Marvel’s Moon Knight

Marvel’s Moon Knight TV series on Disney+ is becoming a star-studded affair. Oscar Isaac and May Calamawy were recently announced for the series, and now, Ethan Hawke will join the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And Hawke will be in a dubious role for the upcoming show.

The actor has landed the role as the lead villain in the series. However, the name of the character he is playing is unknown at this time. While Moon Knight’s villains range from the brainwashing Crossfire to Vietnam War vet Black Spectre, the hero’s greatest villain is Raul Bushman–the former friend of Marc Spector (the man who would become Moon Knight), who went on a killing spree after discovering some gold. While Moon Knight debuted in 1975, the Bushman character debuted in Moon Knight #1 in 1980. At the time of this writing, there’s no clear indication of who Hawke will play.

Isaac will be playing Spector/Moon Knight, a vigilante in white who suffers from multiple personalities and mental illness, and may have some sort of connection to Egyptian gods–depending on who is writing the character.

The series is coming together quickly with Mohamed Diab (Crash), Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy), Justin Benson (Synchronic), and Aaron Moorhead (Synchronic) announced as directors for the upcoming show. Depending on which stories these directors pull from, this could be the darkest thing to come out of the MCU yet.

And the Disney+ original series kicked off recently with WandaVision. The first two episodes debuted on January 15. In GameSpot’s WandaVision review, Chris E. Hayner said, “Marvel Studios attempted something they hadn’t tried before and wound up with a show that’s somehow a classic family sitcom that is also propelling forward the storytelling of the universe of epic films that has been unspooling for over a decade.”