/Fortnite Update 15.40 Coming Tomorrow
Fortnite Update 15.40 Coming Tomorrow

Fortnite Update 15.40 Coming Tomorrow

Fortnite’s 15.40 update is just around the corner, and it’s going to bring some interesting changes to the game. As with all Fortnite updates, it’s not precisely clear what the patch is going to do, but we have a few hints from the game’s official Twitter account. The patch is set to go live on February 16.

According to the below tweets, it appears that popular limited-time modes Air Royale and Floor is Lava will be making a comeback. The patch will also allow you to adjust object level of detail in the Perf Mode alpha, but only on PC. Additionally, characters will have more exotics in stock for you to grab. Let’s just hope the opposing teams won’t get there first.

The above tweet also references an “unvaulted favorite.” Based on context clues, it’s likely either pump shotguns or an explosive weapon. Then again, the “knock knock” phrasing in the first tweet has led some to think that the Flint-Knock Pistol might be making a comeback, too. We’ll know for sure when the patch comes out on February 16.

If you’re still looking for some help with the challenges for the Hearts Wild event, check out our guide. In other Fortnite news, the Flash skin recently came to the game. A recent maintenance patch addressed some performance issues.

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