/WandaVision Episode 7: 21 Easter Eggs, Marvel References, And Things You Missed
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WandaVision Episode 7: 21 Easter Eggs, Marvel References, And Things You Missed

Episode 7 of is here and Westview is now in the 2010s, when sitcoms began to really lean into the “talking head” segments and mockumentary style directing with shows like Modern Family and The Office. So, naturally, we get a whole lot of that going on here–even though some of Westview’s residents seem a bit less enthusiastic than others about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Wanda’s powers are on the fritz as she slowly loses control over the fabric of Westview’s reality, causing glitches in the proverbial matrix that make for all sorts of anxiety. The twins are noticing something is up and looking for answers that Wanda either doesn’t have or just doesn’t want to give and Vision is still on a crusade to get out of the town, despite having no memory of his life before arriving in Westview at all.

Oh, and there’s something going on with Monica–but you’ll know it when you see it. Trust us, it’s impossible to miss.

Here are 21 Easter Eggs, references, and things to note this week. And when you’re done, take a look at our deep dives into the other episodes of WandaVision.

1. Talking heads right out of Modern Family

This week’s episode takes its cues from Modern Family, from the talking head segments to the score within the episode itself. This week’s theme song has a very different inspiration, though, which we’ll get to.

2. “Our game is freaking out!”

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Billy and Tommy’s video games cycle through GameCube controllers, Atari joysticks, and finally to Uno cards as Westview spirals out of control.

3. Billy’s head hurts

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Last week, both twins had their own special superpower awakenings with Tommy’s super-speed and Billy’s extremely complicated “magical” abilities that appear to be manifesting as telepathy in the show. In the comics, he’s able to warp reality just like his mom, but so far in Westview, he’s just got himself a nasty headache from being able to apparently read minds.

4. WiiMotes

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After their video game kept changing earlier, even becoming Uno cards, the twins end up with a pair of WiiMotes, meaning they ultimately wound up with a Nintendo Wii. not a bad trade, considering they started with a GameCube.

5. The sounds of Scranton

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This week’s theme song is trying very hard to sound like The Office, which makes sense. Not only is it era-appropriate, but like Modern Family, it makes liberal use of talking-head segments.

6. Created by Wanda Maximoff

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Of note, with Vision on his own adventure, he’s entirely absent from the opening credits. What’s more, this week Wanda is credited as the creator of WandaVision, which may or may not be correct, given what gets revealed later in the ep.

7. Darcy the escape artist

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Darcy was, very unfortunately, left chained to an SUV during the Westview expansion in Episode 6–but don’t panic. She’s fine! Her sitcom-ified self isn’t in handcuffs at all; she’s been made the “escape artist” of the circus.

8. “He is not your uncle”

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Wanda’s changed her mind about this new Pietro since their minor scuffle last week. He’s been conspicuously absent this week (though we hope you stuck around for the mid-credits stinger, which we’ll get to) and Wanda now insists that he isn’t actually a member of the family.

9. Rebuilding Vision

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SWORD was apparently looking to rebuild Vision, which we started to guess at last week when Darcy discovered that Hayward was able to very specifically track Vision’s body within the Hex–though we were worried the plan might have been to rebuild Ultron, who was originally intended to occupy Vision’s body. Either way, this is clearly a major violation of Vision’s will, which stipulated he never be remade in the event of his death (as revealed earlier in the season).

10. The stork

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Hey remember that stork painting that came to life way back in Episode 3? It’s here again, if only briefly.

11. “Nexus” Antidepressant

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This week’s commercial was for an antidepressant for “when the world doesn’t revolve around you–or does it?” Which is likely a nod to one of the more galaxy-brained concepts in Marvel comics: the existence of “Nexus Beings,” or people who have powers that can affect probability and literally alter the flow of the “Universal Time Stream.” Both Wanda and Vision are considered Nexus beings.

Also, there’s the idea of the Nexus of All Worlds, which is a sort of gateway point between dimensions from which all universes in the multiverse can be accessed–which may be something to keep in mind for the upcoming Dr. Strange sequel, Multiverse of Madness.

12. “You’re quiet, Agnes”

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Billy is unable to hear any of Agnes’s thoughts which, if you weren’t already majorly suspicious of her, hopefully sent up some red flags.

13. Monica: Empowered

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We’ve been anticipating a superheroic turn for Monica from the start and we absolutely got it in this episode–another trip through the Hex has given her full-on superhuman abilities. She can see energy, and even hold up against a blast from Wanda (with some added superhero landing flare for good measure). In the comics, Monica has gone by many different codenames, including Captain Marvel, so we don’t know for sure which one she’ll land on here in the MCU, but Photon, Spectrum, or Pulsar seem like fair bets.

Also, did you catch those quotes from Captain Marvel playing as she marched through the Hex?

14. Vision’s death recap

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In case you missed Avengers: Infinity War, Darcy did a nice job of catching Vision up on both of his deaths, Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, and even his creation to defeat Ultron back in Age of Ultron. That’s a lot of exposition she fed him during a single funnel cake truck ride.

15. An AI called JARVIS

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Paul Bettany started his tenure in the MCU as the disembodied voice of Tony Stark’s AI butler.

16. “Presto” delivery

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The delivery man who watches Wanda and Monica’s fight–and then continues on to make a delivery at Agnes’s house–is wearing a “Presto Delivery” uniform (just in case you didn’t catch on to the foreshadowing that Agnes had something magical of her own going on).

17. Yo Gabba Gabba

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We don’t know where the twins are, but we certainly know what they were watching before they disappeared. Wanda sees Yo Gabba Gabba on Agnes’s TV. The children’s TV show ran from 2007 to 2015.

18. Agatha’s Dungeon

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Agnes/Agatha’s basement is more or less a dungeon full of what look like occult relics, including a very ominously glowing book on a stand. The book’s cover doesn’t seem to match anything from the comics directly, but it could potentially be the MCU’s version of the Darkhold, a spellbook containing all sorts of magical and demonic knowledge–though it should be noted that Agents of SHIELD already introduced their own version of the Darkhold, which, in theory, probably isn’t canon for the MCU, but might be something to consider.

Also, regardless of whether the book is the Darkhold or not, it seems to be giving off a distinctly orange (perhaps even fiery) looking energy which, compared to Agatha’s very purple-based powers, sticks out like a sore thumb. Whatever is powering the book, it’s certainly not Agatha herself.

19. Agatha Harkness

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This twist probably wasn’t all that shocking to anyone who’s been keeping up with fan theories even half heartedly–we’ve been anticipating Agnes to reveal herself as Agatha Harkness from the very first episode.

There are some odd things about this reveal, however–namely the fact that we still don’t know what Agatha’s motives could possibly be. She does a great job of showcasing all the manipulating she’s been doing behind the scenes in her own personal theme song, but we don’t know why or what she’s looking to gain. Also, critically, we don’t know where the twins are–which is a bit concerning, given their comic book origin as fragments of the soul of Mephisto.

Also to note, Agatha in the comics has never been a full-on villain. Sure, she’s not the warmest lady in the world, but she’s never been explicitly evil, even when she did help repurpose parts of a demon’s soul to help Wanda become pregnant. This certainly doesn’t mean that the MCU’s take on the character couldn’t go a different direction, but it might not be time to write off your theories about a bigger, badder villain reveal before the show’s finale just yet.

20. Agatha All Along

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Of course, Agatha gets her own theme song. And, honestly, it might be the best one of the bunch. We’ll be singing “Agatha All Along” for days and have no regrets.

21. Pietro’s not gone yet

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In the mid-credits sequence, he catches Monica snooping around Agatha’s house. Given that we saw Agatha controlling him in the Agatha All Along sequence, is he essentially one of her sentries?