/Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Have An Actual Winner
Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Have An Actual Winner

Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Have An Actual Winner

When two fan-favorite characters do battle on the big screen, the one thing fans want is a definitive winner, even though one isn’t always determined. After all, the debate of who won Freddy vs. Jason rages on. However, with the upcoming , which hits theaters on the HBO Max streaming service on March 31, there will be one kaiju left standing.

Speaking during the IGN’s Fan Fest panel for Godzilla vs. Kong, director Adam Wingard made sure to note fans of the monsters won’t leave wondering who the victor was. “I just wanted this to feel like the real matchup. I wanted you to walk away from this–wanted there to be no more arguments on the playground,” he said. “This is the decider, you know, you don’t have to debate it anymore you watch this. That’s Godzilla, that’s King Kong, they’re beating the s*** out of each other, and one wins. And, you know, that’s it.”

Wingard’s reason for wanting a true winner of the war goes back to his own experiences watching the Godzilla franchise growing up. “When I think back to the original movie King Kong Vs Godzilla, I remember having conversations with my friends talking about that when I was a kid, and we were still debating who would win in a fight–Godzilla or King Kong–and that film for one doesn’t really pick a winner,” he explained. “It’s very much a draw. It’s very unclear and muddy who wins.”

While Wingard is promising a winner and a loser, the promise, above all else, absolute mayhem and destruction on such a ridiculous level, that perhaps the movie should borrow a tagline from Alien vs. Predator: No matter who wins, we lose.

Godzilla vs. Kong crashed into theaters–and your house via HBO Max–on March 31.