/WandaVision Finale: 14 Questions That Need To Be Answered
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WandaVision Finale: 14 Questions That Need To Be Answered

There were a lot of unknowns when WandaVision first started. From the show’s retro sitcom vibes to Vision’s apparent resurrection, we’ve been kept guessing across each episode. Now that the finale is right around the corner, however, we’re running out of time to get official answers–and we’ve still got some major questions.

We can assume that WandaVision is meant to have some sort of cliffhanger ending. Kevin Feige already confirmed back at SDCC 2019 that Wanda would be making her way to the upcoming Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness movie, and the name alone has some major implications. But other headscratchers–like the status of some of Westview’s more colorful residents, the situation revolving around Pietro’s return, and the future of fan-favorite side characters like Agent Woo, Darcy, and Monica–will hopefully be addressed sooner rather than later. After all, we have no guarantee that anyone other than Wanda has a movie in their immediate future.

Here are our 14 biggest questions for the WandaVision finale, which will hit Disney+ on Friday, March 5. Let us know your theories in the comments below.

1. Is Pietro really from the multiverse and was he summoned by Wanda’s chaos magic, or is his casting just a meta joke?

Agatha’s speech at the beginning of Episode 8 left us scratching our heads. She talks about her ability to mind control and shape shift things, and explains that she just needed a “weak mind” to create “Fake Pietro” because real Pietro was on a different continent and full of holes. She makes no mention of the fact that we, the audience, know that “Fake Pietro” is actually a version of Pietro from another movie universe. This makes us wonder: Was Evan Peters just cast as a gag for MCU fans and a nod to the time honored sitcom tradition of recasting characters? Or is he actually the start of the Fox X-Men being brought into the fold?

2. If Wanda was a witch since birth, did Pietro always have his speed?

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Among the numerous retcons and additions to Wanda’s history in Episode 8 was the confirmation that Wanda’s powers have always existed, even before her contact with the Mind Stone. She was a “baby witch,” as Agatha said, using her abilities even before she knew what she was doing. This makes us wonder about Pietro and his abilities. Was he always a speedster? Did he just not realize it yet?

3. Why did Hayward fake the footage of Wanda’s break-in?

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Hayward was invested enough in getting Darcy and co. to believe that Wanda had Vision’s corpse within the Hex that he doctored footage of her breaking in and stealing it. Why bother going that far to frame her when there were already stakes (like the civilian lives at risk within the Hex that had been the focus up to that point)?

4. Why was Hayward tracking Vision’s “vibranium” in the Hex when he already had his body?

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In Episode 6, Darcy discovered that Hayward had been tracking the vibranium that composes Vision’s body inside the Hex. But in Episode 8, we learned that Wanda actually left Vision’s body at SWORD headquarters, and Hayward was still in possession of it. So what was Hayward really tracking inside the Hex? Was it Wanda’s new version of Vision, or something else entirely? And if it was Wanda’s new Vision, what was the goal? Did Darcy misinterpret her discovery? Did someone plant fake information for her to find?

5. Can Wanda actually produce vibranium? What is the extent of her powers?

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If Hayward really is tracking the version of Vision that’s inside the Hex by its vibranium signature, does that mean Wanda is able to produce the mythical substance through chaos magic and force of will alone? That could have huge implications in the MCU’s future.

6. Will Wanda’s kids be able to exist outside the Hex?

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We know that Vision can’t exist outside the Hex, as we witnessed his body begin to disintegrate when he tried to escape. What about Wanda’s kids, though? Wanda sure seems to think that Billy and Tommy are her real children, and not just another “magical” trick she conjured up. We’re not so sure, although it would be unusually cruel to finally give her a family and then rip them away in the finale when the Hex inevitably comes down–though that was what happened the first time , so we won’t rule it out. Maybe will be about Wanda journeying through parallel dimensions trying to find them.

7. Who was Woo’s witness protection person?

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Agent Woo (Randall Park) initially appeared at Westview because someone in the FBI’s witness protection program had been living there and was now, naturally, missing. Was that just an excuse to get Woo, a well-liked side character from the Ant-Man movies, in the show? Or will that minor plot thread wind up mattering? Could it have something to do with the more mysterious Westview characters like Dottie or Herb?

8. Why did Wanda’s “Hex” make some people unable to remember that Westview existed, while others were immune to that effect?

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In WandaVision’s fourth episode, Agent Woo and Monica Rambeau arrive outside the Westview Hex to begin investigating just what is going on inside. They discover that some people, including the cops posted outside the town, don’t even remember that Westview exists. Others, however–like Woo himself–are immune to this effect of Wanda’s magic. Will that strange detail ever be explained, or are we overthinking this?

9. Where have Dottie and Herb been and why did they seem important at first?

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Most of Westview’s residents are simply hapless citizens of the real town who Wanda incorporated into her sitcom dream world when she took the place over. There are a couple, however, who initially seemed to be more important and/or know more about the Hex than they were letting on. Specifically, in Episode 2, it seemed important that Wanda get Dottie’s approval, and Dottie was shown later in the season to be one of the only residents whose real identity couldn’t be pinned down. In addition, in Episode 3, Herb almost let something slip to Vision, showing an apparent ability to almost resist Wanda’s powers without Vision needing to mind-zap him. Is there more to any of these seemingly minor characters?

10. Did Vision really write Wanda the note that sent her to Westview?

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It was revealed in Episode 8 that Wanda traveled to Westview because of a note that appeared to be from Vision. But that doesn’t necessarily seem in character for the synthezoid–and besides, when did this mysterious letter appear? Our first sighting of it was on the passenger seat of Wanda’s car. It was already open, implying that Wanda had already viewed the note. But when she looked at it after leaving SWORD HQ, she appeared surprised to see it. We find the whole situation confusing. And, given the fact that Wanda and Vision’s lives were bogged down by house arrest and conflict during Captain America: Civil War, and then later fugitive status (for Wanda at least) during Infinity War, when did Vision have the time to go real estate shopping?

11. What’s Monica’s deal now?

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Passing in and out of Wanda’s hex throughout these episodes has apparently given Monica Rambeau powers of some kind. She was even able to semi-effectively resist Wanda’s abilities in Episode 7. However, those powers have yet to really be defined. What exactly is Monica capable of now? Which of her many comic book personas (Photon, Pulsar, Spectrum, etc.) will she adopt in the MCU? Will the events of WandaVision lead to her joining the Avengers–especially if SWORD is pretty much evil? Speaking of which:

12. Is SWORD evil in the MCU?

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In its MCU incarnation, SWORD stands for Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Department (a slight change from the comics, where the “W” stands for “World”). There’s another difference, though: So far, in the MCU, SWORD looks like it’s shaping up to be a villainous organization. There’s definitely something up with Director Hayward, who has spent most of his scenes in these episodes so far lying through his teeth. The Episode 8 stinger revealed that SWORD has revived Vision’s real body, which definitely can’t be good. Is Hayward a full-on villain? If so, is all of SWORD evil, or is this more of a SHIELD situation, where a normal organization has been infiltrated by nefarious forces? And if that’s the case, who can we speak to in the MCU about upping the security or vetting process of employees at shady government agencies?

13. Is Mephisto in this show or not?

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Thanks to leaks and rumors, we’ve been looking forward to the reveal that Marvel comics big bad is somehow behind the events of WandaVision. However, going into the finale, we still haven’t caught a glimpse of the villain. Is Hayward really Mephisto in disguise? Is the devil-like villain hiding somewhere else in the show? Or is he not actually involved at all? We’ll know one way or another after the finale.

14. What exactly is the “scarlet witch” and why did Agatha use the phrase?

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At the end of Episode 8, Agatha called Wanda “the scarlet witch,” implying that’s the name for a witch who uses chaos magic–and not a unique moniker for Wanda herself. Wanda has never actually been known by any alias or superhero identity in the MCU, although that’s easy to forget, since fans often refer to her as Scarlet Witch. Now that it’s been officially uttered in WandaVision, will the name stick, or was it just an Easter egg?