/2.6 crore have registered for jabs, 75% online, Health News, ET HealthWorld
Covid-19: 2.6 crore have registered for jabs, 75% online

2.6 crore have registered for jabs, 75% online, Health News, ET HealthWorld

NEW DELHI: More than 2.6 crore people had registered for Covid-19 vaccinations in the country till Tuesday, with a majority of the appointments (around 75%) being booked online on Co-Win or through the Aarogya Setu app, while the rest were walk-ins.

Men accounted for 58.5% of total registrations while more than 41% were women and 3,775 registrations were in the “other” category.

The government has allowed private hospitals with necessary facilities to conduct Covid-19 vaccinations but only about 18% of planned capacity was in the private sector, with the majority of vaccination session sites organised in government hospitals, official data showed.

The total planned capacity for the day’s vaccination was a shade over 36 lakh, but the current utilisation was just around 60%, an official said.

There was significant scope for expanding the vaccine drive to improve accessibility and coverage. Of the 22,405 sites that conducted vaccination across the country on Tuesday, only 4,681 were in private hospitals, accounting for 6.5 lakh planned vaccinations. On the other hand, 17,724 sites in government facilities where sessions were held had a planned capacity of over 29.5 lakh, data till 9 pm on Tuesday showed.

Average capacity utilisation in both government as well as private hospitals was estimated at around 60%, a senior official said, underlining that the turnout in government facilities offering free shots was not much different from attendance in private hospitals.

“There is huge scope for capacity expansion in the private sector, which is still dealing with logistical issues. There are also some hospitals that are conducting vaccinations but have not created sessions on the Co-Win platform. This is an aberration that we are trying to address because recipients are not able to book appointments as they are not visible online,” a senior official said.

India administered over 2.4 crore doses of the Covid vaccine till 7 pm on Tuesday. Of this, 82% were first doses to health and frontline workers along with those above 60 years of age and those between 45 and 60 years with specified co-morbidities. The rest of the doses were given as second dose to health and frontline workers.