/Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Got A Mario Makeover
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Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Got A Mario Makeover

Nintendo has given its official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Island a Mario makeover. Following the arrival of Mario-themed furniture and clothing to the game, Nintendo has added a dedicated Mario section to its Animal Crossing island, complete with a small obstacle course that leads to a flagpole (with a confetti machine ceremoniously spewing confetti behind it).

The redesign is related to one of Nintendo’s Super Mario 35th anniversary My Nintendo missions, which asks you to simply visit Nintendo’s Dream Island between March 9-24. To visit the island, all you need to do is lay down on any bed in your house, select Search by Dream Address when prompted by Luna, then input 6382-1459-4417. You’ll get credit for completing the mission within seven days of the event ending.


The aforementioned My Nintendo missions are tied to the special Super Mario 35th anniversary pin set. You’ll need to purchase Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and complete at least 14 other My Nintendo missions to be eligible for the pins. If you’re still a few missions short, visiting Nintendo’s Dream Island is an easy way to put yourself closer to the total.

Animal Crossing’s Super Mario furniture arrived as part of the 1.8.0 update, which also introduced a handful of new seasonal items to the game. Right now, you can purchase a Pi Day pie from Nook Shopping until March 14. A variety of Shamrock Day items will also be available to order later this month.

Animal Crossing’s next update is slated to arrive around March 18. The update will introduce a variety of Sanrio-themed content to the game, including furniture, clothing, and even new villagers that you can invite to live on your island. You can get the villagers and items by scanning the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards, which will go on sale in the US at Target stores starting March 26.

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