/World Of Warcraft’s First Player-Chosen Mount Is Available Now
World Of Warcraft's First Player-Chosen Mount Is Available Now

World Of Warcraft’s First Player-Chosen Mount Is Available Now

In September last year, Blizzard asked World of Warcraft players to vote on a new mount that would be gifted for free to all players with Shadowlands active on their accounts. Players overwhelmingly voted for the Wandering Ancient–a big old walking tree you can ride on top of–and now it’s available in-game for eligible players.

Players were tasked with choosing between five unique options: the Wandering Ancient, Soaring Spelltome, Nerubian Swarmer, Curious Caterpillar, and Gooey Slimesaber. The options were listed with a brief description but without any visual aids, meaning players had to imagine the potential of each would-be mount.

The Wandering Ancient overwhelmingly came out on top, and the Blizzard team got to work bringing it to life, creating a walking tree mount that marks the first rideable Ancient in WoW. Just like the pint-sized Blossoming Ancient pet, the Wandering Ancient’s foliage will change with the seasons.

Players with Shadowlands will find the Wandering Ancient in their Mount Collection tab. If you don’t have Shadowlands yet don’t worry, you’ll be gifted the Wandering Ancient mount even if you purchase it at a later date.

While the Wandering Ancient was initially meant to arrive with the big Chains of Domination update, it’s instead dropped early with the smaller 9.0.5 update. While we don’t have a release window for the big Chains of Domination update yet, it’s set to bring a lot of changes and new content to the game when it drops.

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