/Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Photo From Borderlands Movie Set
Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Photo From Borderlands Movie Set

Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Photo From Borderlands Movie Set

Are we entering a golden age of video game adaptations? We sure hope so. Production on the Borderlands movie is in full swing, according to a photo posted to Twitter by Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Patricia Tannis in the Eli Roth-directed film.

The photo itself isn’t going to offer up much for even the most eagle-eyed of Easter egg hunters; it shows Curtis’s on-set seating on rocky ground on the film’s Budapest set. The background is just your standard movie set stuff. While Curtis doesn’t explicitly state as much, it seems safe to assume that filming has begun on the movie.

Curtis has been posting about the Borderlands film as much as she can, including a post about on-set COVID precautions and her personal on-set soundtrack.

Borderlands has put together an impressive cast of actors that makes it hard not to get our hopes up for the film:

Randy Pitchford, head of Borderlands game developer Gearbox and a producer on the film, recently said on Twitter that the movie will be “authentic to the characters, tone, and style” of the games, but will “allow for independent storylines.” Pitchford compared the two to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics.

Borderlands doesn’t have a release date scheduled just yet. In the meantime, we have a whole stack of video game adaptations to look forward to. HBO is working on a TV adaptation of The Last of Us. Netflix’s Castlevania is getting a fourth and final season, but plans to continue exploring that universe. New set photos from the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel show series character Knuckles (We loved the first one!). Sony recently delayed Tom Holland’s Uncharted film, but only by a week. Ubisoft and Netflix are working to bring their game The Division to life starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and Werewolves Within just got a new trailer. While we wait on all of these, make sure to check out our list of the most watchable video game movies and the absolute worst of the worst.