/PlayStation Store’s Old Web Version Revived With Browser Plugin
PlayStation Store's Old Web Version Revived With Browser Plugin

PlayStation Store’s Old Web Version Revived With Browser Plugin

Last month, it appeared that Sony had finally killed off the web version for its older PlayStation Store, which included games for legacy systems like the PS Vita and PS3. However, a browser plugin now allows you to access the store once again.

The plugin, available through Firefox, provides renewed access to the web version of the “Valkyrie” PlayStation Store, which is what was used until around the time the PS5 released. In addition to being arguably easier to navigate, it’s the only way you can buy and download Vita or PS3 games without using the systems’ own software. Try to search for a Vita exclusive on the current PlayStation Store and you’ll get a whole lot of nothing. The older version also provides a very easy-to-use download list for quickly choosing what to install.

Because Sony was planning to shutter the Vita and PS3 stores completely within the next few months, this plugin would seemingly serve little purpose. However, the company reversed that decision just days ago and now doesn’t have a timeline for when they’ll close. Though the PSP store will still be closing in July, it doesn’t have the same huge digital-only game selection as the other systems.

When the original closing dates were announced, some developers were caught off guard and weren’t sure they would be able to release their games in time. At the very least, they can now breathe a slight sigh of relief and have another option for players to easily buy them.

Despite the stores no longer closing, we made a list of games you should definitely try out from the PlayStation Store of yesteryear. They include a few games never released on newer systems, such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.