/Pokemon Sword And Shield: Free Weakness Policy Available Until April 26
Pokemon Sword And Shield's Latest Max Raid Event Features Ditto And More

Pokemon Sword And Shield: Free Weakness Policy Available Until April 26

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can claim another free item for a limited time. The Pokemon Company is distributing a free Weakness Policy via Mystery Gift until April 26. When a Pokemon holding this item is hit by a super-effective attack, its Attack and Special Attack stats are each raised by two stages.

To claim the free item, you’ll need to fire up your copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield and follow these steps:

  • Open Mystery Gift from the menu screen
  • Select Get with Code/Password
  • Follow the prompts to connect online
  • Input WPF1NALSPC3

The free code was revealed during the Players Cup III Global Finals, which run this weekend. The competition is being broadcasted on Twitch, with separate streams devoted to the video game finals, TCG finals, and Pokken Tournament DX finals. You can find the full schedule on the official Pokemon website.

That’s not all that’s happening this weekend. In honor of World Penguin Day, an Eiscue Max Raid event is underway in Sword and Shield until April 25. Eiscue is appearing in Max Raids more frequently than normal throughout the event, and you’ll have a chance to encounter a Shiny Eiscue in five-star Max Raids.

In other Pokemon news, New Pokemon Snap launches on Nintendo Switch on April 30. Pokemon Go is celebrating that game’s launch with a New Pokemon Snap-themed event from April 29 to May 2. As part of that event, Shiny Smeargle will make its debut in Pokemon Go, and you’ll encounter increased spawns of Lotad, Cacnea, Ducklett, and other monsters that appear in New Pokemon Snap.

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