/Target’s Xbox Series X Restocks Will Reportedly Work Differently Starting Tomorrow
Target's Xbox Series X Restocks Will Reportedly Work Differently Starting Tomorrow

Target’s Xbox Series X Restocks Will Reportedly Work Differently Starting Tomorrow

The Xbox Series X restock situation has been a hectic and frustrating one for hopeful buyers since the next-gen console launched last fall, but one retailer is making a slight change in how it sells the Xbox Series X|S online starting Tuesday, May 18. According to reputable Twitter account Wario64, which tracks deals and restocks, Target has notified employees that Xbox Series X and Series S consoles can be purchased online as soon as inventory is available starting tomorrow. This means that instead of holding consoles for specific drop times, local inventory for the Xbox Series X|S will be available for purchase online as stores scan it in.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to walk into your local Target and ask whether they have the Xbox Series X in stock–Xbox Series X orders will still be sold online only, so you want to keep your eye on Target.com instead. However, Xbox consoles will be available for Order Pickup/Drive Up after you secure your purchase. Basically, Xbox Series X inventory will be available on Target’s website when your local store has stock, and you’ll have to go pick it up in person. So rather than following leaks about when Target is planning to drop Xbox stock, you’ll want to keep an eye on your nearest Target’s inventory instead.

However, this won’t be the case for PS5 restocks, according to Wario64. The note reads, “PlayStation 5 will continue to be sold through limited-time online-only events,” meaning it won’t be available online as soon as your local store has stock. The PS5 will continue to be available at Target on select drop dates that aren’t announced ahead of time, not even to employees (presumably to avoid leaks). The note also instructs Target employees to keep Xbox Series X, Series S, and PS5 consoles off the sale floor and in the stockroom with security camera coverage.

This process change at Target comes after Microsoft’s announcement of its Console Purchase Pilot program, which allows anyone in the US who’s signed up to the free Xbox Insiders program on Xbox One to register for a chance to reserve the Series X or Series S. Similar to Sony’s invite-only program for PS5s, Microsoft will then invite a “subset” of players who register to buy the console of their choice.

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