/Calculator For Nintendo Switch Is One Of The Highest User-Rated Games On Metacritic
Roughly the game's user score

Calculator For Nintendo Switch Is One Of The Highest User-Rated Games On Metacritic

Every once in a while, a game so bad or unnecessary becomes a meme, and instead of being derided online, it’s sarcastically heralded as the best game of all time. The latest game to fall into that category isn’t even a game, but a calculator app for the Nintendo Switch, and according to GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic, it’s receiving “universal acclaim” from users.

The Metacritic listing for Sabec Limited’s Calculator on Nintendo Switch has the application sitting at a 9.1/10 user score. Among the user reviews are comments calling it the Game of the Year for 2021 and praising it for including “SIN COS TAN” downloadable content. Without trigonometry, we would all be lost.

Roughly the game’s user score

“A great addition to the genre and a sum of all its parts,” one user said. “Do not subtract this one from [your] Switch library or let friends divide your opinion [on] an equally fantastic soundtrack too!”

Beautiful. We couldn’t have said it better, ourselves. The game, based on current user scores, is tied with Monster Hunter Rise as the fifth-best Switch game.

Does a paid calculator app–it’s a $10 title on the eShop–actually warrant any praise? Of course not, as you already likely have the same technology on your phone. Is it still extremely funny to act like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread? Absolutely.

There isn’t actually anything on the page yet, but our sister site GameFAQs also has a cheats page set up for Calculator. If you know any high-level strategies or just want to use it as an excuse to write out free math lessons to trick students into learning, feel free to expand it.

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