/12 Largest Battlefield Maps Of All Time
12 Largest Battlefield Maps Of All Time

12 Largest Battlefield Maps Of All Time

Battlefield 2042 is bringing some of the biggest maps in Battlefield history. In this video, we take a look back at the 12 largest Battlefield locations of all time, like Dragon Valley from Battlefield 2, Bandar Desert from the Armored Kill DLC, and even the Halvoy battle royale map.

Battlefield has a rich variety of multiplayer maps from its humble beginnings in Battlefield 1942, all the way to the massive Firestorm battle royale map in Battlefield V. DICE senior designer Niklas Åstrand put out a chart on Twitter that listed every Battlefield map in existence ranked by their size. In this video we’re breaking down the top 12 largest Battlefield maps of all time.

Surprisingly, one game stands out among the series and appears on the top 12 list more often than the others: Battlefield 2 comes roaring in with five maps whereas games like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 each only have 1 map, such as Bandar Desert, and Golmud Railway!

With Battlefield 2042 reveals coming at EA Play Live on July 22nd, and a renewed interest in Battlefield 4, we will be covering the series including the teased Hazard Zone mode and expected alpha and beta dates, so definitely stay tuned!